Auckland Nutrition and Keeping Eyes Healthy

  All about Eye health and Nutrition Have you been WATCHING what you eat? It is important to take care of your vision because good vision helps you perform daily tasks, such as driving and working, well. Aside from getting regular eye exams, nutrition also plays a huge part in achieving and maintaining healthy eyes. … Continued

What is IPL – How is it used to treat Dry Eyes?

We specialise in Dry Eye Treatments featuring IPL technology Dry eyes are no ordinary condition as treating it is much more difficult than you think. Eye drops and warm compresses will give some patients a relief but it’s usually temporary and the only way to treat is so is through a comprehensive approach. This made … Continued

Top 5 Tips to Ease Dry Eyes in Auckland

The main thing to know about dry eye conditions is that tears produced naturally by your eyes are wonderfully effective in keeping the balanced in everyday conditions. Tears keep your eyes lubed up, reduce your risk of getting an eye infection, wash away any foreign material that’s gotten into your eyes, and keep the surface … Continued